Safety on first place

TESTING schedule - timetable addition inforamtion

Dear players and coaches,

We would like to inform you that testing in the tent (on back side of the sport hall) is everyday only till 10am. PCR tests for departure are till 9am.

Please tell our medical team IF YOU NEED CERTIFICATE (print) for Antigen test , as this will speed up process.

Friday: 7.30-10.00
Saturday: 8.30-10.00
Sunday 8.00-10.00
After 10am testing is not possible.

Due to huge line we can advice to take morning slots to avoid waiting lines

Thank you for your understanding.

Final departure steps


We would like to inform you regarding DEPARTURE COVID-19 test procedure

For a return trip you can order the following:

  • certificate of quick test that is available in the testing center - (certificate for Antigen Rapid Test will be charged additional 10€ -). You get the certificate maximum 3 hours after the test is made.
  • PCR test in the testing center. PCR test you must book at least 48 hours in advance. Price is 100€. You get the certificate in 24 hours after the test is made.

All reservations should be sent to

Results will be shared via e-mail but in case you need hard copy you can stop by office desk and we will print it for you

Testing schedule

Testing schedule for the full event you can find here. Please check carefully when and where you need to get tested based on when you arrive.

Make sure to bring your passport and accreditation to the test.

You will need to wait until your test result is in (approximately 15 minutes), after which you will receive a sticker that will give you access to the sports venue.

Covid-19 protocol/Team manager guide

Please see the latest version (v5) here.

Covid-19 testing protocol

The requirements to enter Slovenia depend on where you are coming from and can be found here: but it is a requirement from Badminton Europe that all participants must send a proof of negative PCR test done maximum 72h hours before arrival. The proof of the negative Covid-19 test MUST be sent before arrival to

Please note that if you are arriving to Zagreb Airport (ZAG), you must also comply with the entry regulations of Croatia. Entry regulations to Slovenia and Croatia might be different and therefore it is very important that you check BOTH to avoid any issues. Entry regulations to Croatia can be found here:

It is currently required that everybody participating in an indoor sport event in Slovenia is tested every 48h (people who are fully vaccinated or have been infected with Covid-19 in the last 6 months are exempted) which means that the testing days will be as below for the participants of the:

  • Team event: 31/08 – 02/09 – 05/09 – 08/09 – 10/09
  • Individual event: upon arrival (03 or 04/09) - 05/09 – 08/09 – 10/09

Certificates of vaccination/infection in the last 6 months must be sent before the event to

All tests made on site will be quick antigen tests. Test schedules will be made in advance and shared with all Team Managers before the event.

Prices for Covid-19 tests:

  • PCR: 100€ per test
  • Antigen: 20€ per test

Tests on site will have to be paid for by the federations in cash on site or via bank transfer after the event.

Positive Covid-19 test on site

In case of a positive antigen test, a PCR test will be made to confirm the result. If a member of the team (player/official) has a confirmed positive PCR Covid-19 test, the whole team will be excluded from the competition (team and individual) to ensure a safe badminton bubble for the others.

It can take up to 24h to receive the result of a PCR test.

Possible scenarios are:

  • 1 positive antigen test: the player/official and his/her close contacts are put in quarantine while waiting for the result of the PCR test of the player/official testing positive via the antigen test. The rest of the team is allowed to play.
  • More than 1 positive antigen test on the same day within a team: the whole team is put in quarantine while waiting for the result of the PCR tests of the players/officials testing positive via the antigen tests.

No matches will be rescheduled in case of positive antigen tests. In case all PCR tests come back with a negative result, the team is allowed to play remaining ties. Tie(s) in which they are not able to play will be considered as a 5/0 loss. Forced Withdrawals will not be imposed during the individual event in case of a positive antigen and subsequent negative PCR.

A person who is infected with Covid-19, will have to go into immediate isolation for 10 days:

  • from the onset of illness
  • after the positive test if it is an asymptomatic infection

This person will be placed in a single room (if this was not already the case) and will not be allowed to leave the room or have anyone else entering the room.
In case further care is needed, this person will be transported to the hospital.

Isolation is expected to end after 10 days if the person has been without fever for the last 48 hours and 48 hours have passed since the onset of remission of symptoms and signs of the disease. If illness or fever lasts longer, isolation is prolonged (and lasts more than 10 days) until 48 hours have passed since normalization of body temperature and the onset of remission of symptoms and signs of the illness. Isolation can also be extended if the course of illness is more severe, requires hospitalization, and in the case of an immune disorder. No further tests are required, unless needed to travel back home.

The quarantine imposed on those who have been in close contact with persons infected with Covid-19 is 10 days.

A close contact is defined as the following (based on 48h before the test has been conducted):

  • Anyone who shared a room/apartment with the infected person
  • Anyone who had physical contact with the infected person (f.e. shaked hands, hugged, physio treatment, used the same objects...)
  • Anyone who has been within 2m distance of the infected person without a mask for minimum 15 minutes (f.e. sitting close to each other while eating, doubles partners on court during training,...)

Players/officials who fall under the definition of a close contact of a positive case, will need to quarantine themselves for 10 days before they can fly home, as mentioned above. It is up to each positive case to honestly inform the organisation of who has been in close contact with him/her.

We are aware that a previous Covid-19 infection can cause a ‘false positive’ PCR test within 6 months after the infection has subsided. Therefore, we ask all players/officials who tested positive within the last 6 months, to provide us with the necessary proof of this from your medical institution (in English), so we can interpret a positive test result with caution and perform additional tests to confirm a possible infection or not. Please send this information to before arrival in Slovenia.

For persons who are receiving a positive test on site and who have had a Covid-19 infection in the last 6 months, we will also do an antibody test on site.

We recommend everybody who has not been tested regularly within the last 6 months to take an antibody test before coming to Slovenia, as this could help, should this person be tested positive during the tournament.

BEC Covid-19 guidelines

The BEC Covid-19 guidelines will be in applied at the 2021 European U17 Championships and can be found here:

Everyone is asked to bring their own face masks to the event.

For all addition questions regarding Covid-19 please write to support team :